September 9, 2009

Future car system

Future car again, this time its more about the car energy system.

These are the ingredients:
1 car, whatever brid.
1 battery, for the whatever brid car.
1 gas station, may be called energy station.
bunch of small changes
some old ideas(please refer to the old future car in my mind post)

First we have to prepare the battery, it better have high enough energy capacity with least memory problem. Lithium polymer(Li-pol) is the best fit in my mind. Why not Lithium-ion(Li-ion), they are more durable. I do agree, but I choose polymer for a reason, let me explain after the preparation.

Here I have this huge lithium polymer, in 1U size, like rack mount/blade computer size, which I am going to insert it into this slot between the fender and driver side door. As you can see, this piece of battery sit perfectly right in the firewall, a space between engine room and the compartment, with a liquid cooled housing towards it's own radiator.

For there is a risk of collision and the firewall serves as one of the crash buffer, Li-pol, which is malleable compare to Li-ion, will be able to withstand the change of firewall in shape, hopefully against leakage of battery material in accidents.

Still, swap battery in energy station, alongside getting gas. And I can forget how or what they charge it with. Durability......they swap to bring into cooking.

This is my speediest way to partially fill up my whatever brid car, the battery part, with a side insert slot on the car into a space available on every car. The pump, now with a sliding rail receiving the pull out battery, push that rail in, chut ching, a fully charged one is ready on rail to slide into that slot. Sounds OK right, like a cd changer juke box?

June 29, 2009


The following is a view of my imagination:

ChiCargo - EsCargo - PortCargo

From LA port to local manufacture (I can add the Made in USA label and packages), forward to LAX, fly pass Panama canal, land on a point of a South America rail road loop. Or ship to country with sea line then to rail from states with sea line, air for inner states. Pick up a meaty buffet through air back to US and have our USDA choice select exported, which is what I had daily when I was a child, in Hong Kong.

International freight, that's what sheltered me. With a rail road loop in South America be built in my imagination, may be I can sell $10/3 T-shirt around football stadiums, they might be brought to Japan and sold for $100 :) Sounds like sushi rail dream!

Do we still got the iron ore and Chinese builders? (too old? How bout their babies......engineers!? Which ones? The train driving or things making ones...... Do they still work? and with the amigos.)

June 7, 2009

Sex machine

Inside the cockpit of a commercial air craft, other then the three human being already flying it together, an additional sex machine would be nice.

The sex machine, a hydraulic robot as a mechanical emergency control towards the air craft. Whenever a pilot gets a sudden urge of sex, that sex machine is there ready for pilot use. Supplying the extra muscle strength needed to fly a modern air craft over the limit of human beings. The pull wire kind of control that pilots can grip hold on with hydraulic boost over the wings, inside a dungeon.

Evils wear prada, angels wear satin, advanced technology in garment industry with tube weaving.